Food Bank Raises Over $300K Through Annual Food Drive, Falls Well Short of Food Donation Goal

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank was able to hit one of their two goals during the annual Syncrude Food Drive.

Over the weekend, they collected funds and food donations at grocery stores and local businesses across the community.

They were able to raise around $315,000 which surpassed their goal of $300,000, however, they were only able to collect about 8,000 pounds of food which is around ten times less than what they had hoped for.

“We really felt the difference this year without our amazing volunteers standing in front of those stores with the Wilson trucks, encouraging everyone to donate as they walk by,” said Anna Noble, Communications and Development Manager.

“It just goes to show that they are the ones making the difference and impact on our community, and bring so much value and success to our fundraising events.”

Last year, the organization was also able to collect over $300,000 and around 72,000 pounds of food.

The WB Food Bank believes they were able to hit their monetary goal thanks to an increase in online donations. These donations totaled more than $17,000.

“We really tried to showcase the online option for donating from the safety of your own home, and I believe that’s why we were able to surpass our monetary donation goal this year,” added Dan Edwards, Executive Director.

Despite not hitting both goals, the organization notes they’re happy for what they were able to get so they can continue helping their clients.

Unfortunately, the need for their service continues to rise across the region. The WB Food Bank is seeing around 50 new clients each month.

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