Proposed Municipal Budget Sitting at $568M, Around $150M Less From 2020

The upcoming municipal budget is looking like it’s going to be much smaller than in previous years.

Wood Buffalo council is set to meet from December 1-4 to approve the 2021 budget which currently sits at $568 million.

The 2020 budget, which also saw a decrease from the year before, was approved at $718 million.

The reduction would also see the RMWB get closer to achieving the 5:1 tax ratio outlined in the municipal government act.

Under this ratio, rural taxes can only be five times as much as those in urban service areas. It currently sits at 7.78:1.

Despite looking at a $150 million decrease, the municipality says they’ve been able to find savings across the board.

This includes reducing expenses by around $13 million and required revenue from property taxes by around $25 million. These taxes have been reduced by $168 million throughout 2020.

Budget talks will start at 9 a.m. and be held virtually.

Residents and groups can register as delegates by emailing [email protected] or by calling 780-743-7001.

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