GoA Immediately Banning Police Carding Across Province

Police carding is being banned across the province.

Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu announced on Thursday officers will be restricted from stopping members of the public and asking for personal information.

These street stops in the past have disproportionately targeted members of racialized and marginalized communities.

“Members of Indigenous, Black, and other racialized communities in Alberta expressed concerns about carding and street checks, and we have a responsibility to act on those legitimate concerns,” said Madu.

Officers can still ask for personal information in specific circumstances such as asking about a crime that has taken place.

In these situations, they must mention this information at the start of the conversation with individuals still having the right to refuse.

Meanwhile, police services are also required to train officers to comply with the new rules and provide public education to help Albertans know their rights when interacting with the police.

“The Government of Alberta supports the dedication and courage of the province’s police officers, and this historic change ensures they will continue to serve and protect our communities with the full trust and confidence of all Albertans,” added Madu.

Edit: A previous version noted this involved traffic stops, however, the GoA has stated this is simply for street checks

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