GoA Looking For Feedback On Potential Firearms Policy After Federal Ban

The provincial government is looking to get the public’s thoughts on a potential provincial firearms policy.

They’ve set up an online survey and are holding two telephone townhalls on November 17 and November 23 with these events able to accommodate one thousand people.

“I encourage gun owners across Alberta to make their voices heard because we are stronger together,” said David Schoenberg, north-central zone director of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, Alberta.

“I also commend the provincial government’s decision to set up a Chief Provincial Firearms Office and appoint a Chief Provincial Firearms Officer. This is a great way to support the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding firearms owners in Alberta. Safe use of our firearms is ingrained in Alberta’s culture – it is part of who we are.”

This comes after 1,500 models and variants of assault-style firearms were banned by the federal government back in May.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says these firearms are designed for military use and shouldn’t be used by the public.

“Recent legislation announced by the federal government would punish hard-working farmers, hunters, and other lawful gun owners while failing to address the true problem: the flow of illegal firearms throughout Canada from south of the border,” said Kaycee Madu, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

“Albertans must be heard, and these consultations will help Alberta’s government develop a responsible firearms-use policy that deters criminals without attacking law-abiding gun owners – and in turn free up the courts for serious matters.”

The province is hoping to use feedback from the public to see if any policies should be developed ‘to support responsible gun owners.’

More information, including how to sign up for the townhalls, can be found on the GoA’s website.

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