RMWB Constructing Temporary Berms Against Potential 2021 Floods

The RMWB is constructing temporary berms to protect the lower townsite against a potential flood in 2021.

So far, work has been completed in Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park with crews now working around downtown and Waterways.

“We’re doing everything in our power to protect residents and businesses against overland flooding,” said Matthew Hough, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

The municipality is using 75,000 cubic metres of clay material.

If there is a flood, gaps in the berms will be filled with bagged systems or other temporary protection. The municipality says these gaps act as access points outside of flooding events.

Also, vibration monitoring is also taking place to ensure nearby residences and businesses aren’t damaged during construction.

Meanwhile, plans are in place to have permanent berms in these areas, however, they aren’t slated to be finished until 2022.

“While we work towards permanent solutions, these temporary measures will provide a strong level of structural protection,” added Hough.

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