Keyano Approved by Feds, GoA To Have International Students Back At School

Keyano College is once again allowed to welcome back international students.

Earlier this week, the federal government released a list of designated learning institutions that could allow these students back as they had proper COVID-19 response plans in place.

Keyano first needed to get their plan approved by the provincial government before they were allowed to submit their request to have international students to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

“It would take me days to explain the amount of effort our group put in to receive this approval from the Government of Alberta,” said Sandra Efu, Director of Student Services.

Their plan needed to include measures to protect the health and safety of all students and the surrounding community, how they planned to manage mandatory 14-day quarantine period for international students which includes arrangements for transportation to the students’ quarantine location, and provide proper information to these students on how to get food, medication, and health insurance.

Keyano is one of 39 post-secondary institutions in Alberta to receive this approval.

They note they have over 100 students enrolled from 26 different countries.

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