RMWB Looking To Crack Down on OHV’s Damaging Property in Waterways and Abasand

You’re once again being reminded to not use off-highway-vehicles within the urban service area.

The RMWB notes this has become a big issue in Abasand and Waterways as property, public parks, and underground infrastructure is being damaged.

Specifically, in Waterways, the municipality says OHV’s continue to drive near the moving slope around Cliff Avenue which is making it harder for them to stabilize it.

So far, the moving hill has damaged three properties on High Avenue with one owner expecting to pay around $10,000 to fix their backyard.

“Going off-roading through a park, green space, and areas that have been designed for other purposes can easily damage property and with wet conditions outside, there is a higher likelihood of this occurring,” said Keith Smith, Director of Public Works.

To help deter this, Wood Buffalo RCMP and Municipal Peace Officers are increasing the number of patrols and will fine people caught using their OHV’s illegally.

“With thousands of acres of public land to explore and extensive trail networks, the Wood Buffalo region creates ample opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors while using their OHVs responsibly,” added Smith.

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