Deadline Approaching For Financial Support For Small Businesses Impacted by April’s Flood

Small businesses impacted by April’s flood are running out of time to apply for financial support.

The Canadian Red Cross is providing up to $3,000 for owners who meet the minimum requirements for this program.

This includes having 50 employees or less, a net income of less than $250,000, operating before April 26, were financially impacted by the flood, have tried to resume or intend to resume operations, and the business is your primary source of income.

The program aims to help those with uninsured damage, clean-up costs that might not be eligible under other programs, insurance deductibles, and are struggling to pay rent or utility bills.

It’s not intended to replace lost income due to the flood.

These funds are in addition to the over $500 million insurance companies have handed out in insurable damage and the $100 million the government of Alberta provided through the disaster relief program.

The deadline to apply for the Red Cross program is October 31, 2020.

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