Lack Of Funding Forcing Choices Association To Temporarily Close Its Doors

Choices Association of Fort McMurray is temporarily shutting its doors over a lack of funding for its employment program.

The non-profit, which has helped individuals with barriers with employment services for around 50 years, will stop client services on October 30, 2020.

“This is a decision that has not come lightly as the impact of our closure will be far-reaching – affecting our clients’ ability to secure and retain employment, our collaborative efforts with our partner agencies, and on our staff who are the front lines of our organization,” said Rhonda Robinson, Choices’ Executive Director.

Over the years, through their employment program, Choices has helped with employment counseling, training and skill enhancement programs, job placement, as well as maintenance and management of a local job board.

The program has been up and running since 1991. Over the past three years, they’ve helped over 600 individuals with a 95 per cent success rate.

“Our clients have come to rely on and trust our staff, often building relationships through face-to-face interactions and consistent follow-up,” added Robinson. “These relationships significantly contribute to an individual’s ability to maintain their employment through the program.”

Moving forward, Choices plans on strategizing at a board level to determine how, and if, they can continue to serve the community.

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