“It’s Bittersweet” Hillview Condo Owners Able To Move Back Home

After nearly four and a half years, Hillview condo owners are getting the green light to move back home.

The condo was destroyed in the Horse River wildfire and has experienced multiple setbacks in its rebuild.

This included owners having to cough up thousands of dollars to pay for multiple multi-million dollar assessments to complete the work.

Owner Sheila Champion tells Mix News it’s a ‘bittersweet’ moment for many of the residents.

“We should be moving in next to our neighbours, the ones who lived there before. I should still be able to holler across the court to my friend and ask her for sugar and I should still be able to flip the bird to my friend, and I should be able to look out my window and see where all the bikes are to know where all the kids are because they all hung out together.”

Champion says she’s happy for those who get to move back, however, just as sad for those who won’t.

For many it’s won’t be a Hollywood ending like many hope it will be.

“I just want to recoup my mortgage every month, so if I get someone to rent it to do that I still have, out of pocket, over $1,300 just for condo fees and the most recent assessment of over $60,000 we have to pay back.”

Champion adds some people may be enticed to move in because they are newly built properties, but the entire build saga will cause many to look the other way.

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