Collapsing Hill Damages Three Properties in Waterways

Three properties in Waterways are dealing with damage from a collapsing hill.

The properties, two of which are occupied, are on Hughes Drive and have been noticing the slope behind their homes shifting over the past several days.

In an email, the RMWB says they’re aware of the situation and are closely monitoring the hill along with Regional Emergency Services.

“At this time there is no immediate public safety risk.”

One homeowner, who didn’t want to be named, says the hill has damaged both his shed and backyard deck. He believes it will cost around $10,000 to fix everything.

His home had to be rebuilt after it was among the 2,500 destroyed during the Horse River wildfire. He claims he never had any talks with the municipality about the slope before rebuilding.

A, once level, deck damaged from the collapsing hill // Jaryn Vecchio – Harvard Broadcasting

Back in 2017, the RMWB bought out 21 properties on Cliff Avenue and High Avenue which were at the top of the hill above Hughes Avenue.

The homeowner thinks the work being done on the hill and the amount of rain we’ve received is leading to the problem.

The municipality didn’t provide a reason as too why the hill was starting to collapse.

He also believes the RMWB is capable of fixing the problem before he has to start thinking of potential alternatives.

Meanwhile, Pat Duggan, President of the Legion Branch 165, says they’re keeping an eye on the situation as the building is across the street from the hill.

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