Remembering Victims of Residential Schools on Orange Shirt Day, RMWB Offering Free Course on Indigenous Awareness

The colour orange is taking over Wood Buffalo, the province, and most of Canada.

Wednesday is ‘Orange Shirt’ Day which recognizes those who were forced to go to a residential school.

The day was first recognized in 2013 to educate the people about the horrors Indigenous kids faced in the school system.

September 30 was chosen because it’s the time of year in which children were usually taken from their homes to go to the schools.

In addition to being taken away, many suffered physical and verbal abuse.

Keyano College, the Fort McMurray Catholic School District, and Fort McMurray Public School Division are taking the opportunity to have their students learn more about the past injustices.

Municipal Indigenous Program

Residents are being invited to take a free course to develop cultural skills and Indigenous awareness.

The RMWB worked with a local Indigenous company to develop the online Indigenous Learning series as part of their response to Truth and Reconciliation.

The course provides an opportunity to recognize the strength of present-day Indigenous communities and reflect upon ways that people can personally contribute to advancing reconciliation.

All municipal staff were required to take the training, but it’s now been offered for all residents for free on the RMWB’s website.

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