Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre Reopens After Being Damaged During April’s Flood

The Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre is reopening after being severely damaged during April’s flood.

A group of around 50 people, including the Ambassador of Gabon to Canada Sosthne Ngokila, were in attendance on Tuesday as the facility reopened to the public.

“I had chills this morning walking up to the building and seeing people utilizing the high-performance room at 5 a.m.,” said Fred Russell, Vice-President Academic.

Keyano will be moving forward with a staggered opening for the facility. They expect the entire building to be fully operational later this fall.

The centre was one of several Keyano buildings damaged by floodwaters, costing around $10 million to repair. This also included the main Clearwater Campus, the Bob Lamb Industrial Training Centre, the Oil Sands Power and Engineering Lab, and multiple student residences.

Work continues to fix the damage at the Bob Lamb Building and Riedel Housing.

Riedel is expected to be done by the end of October, while there’s no confirmed timeline for the Bob Lamb Building.

In total, the flood caused around $48 million in damage.

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