Parents Asked For Patience As School Buses Experience Delays Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

The company overseeing the local school buses are asking parents and guardians to be patient during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sparksman Transportation oversees 65 routes, 59 for elementary and high schools and six for early childhood services, while only having 53 permanent drivers.

They also have an additional 25 casual drivers, however, their ability to work depends on personal circumstances.

“Due to our staff shortage, we have people stepping up and performing functions beyond their portfolios,” said Mark Critch, President of Sparksman Transportation.

“Drivers and staff are working extremely hard to keep things moving, and ensure that all students are picked up daily, but delays are unavoidable often because of circumstances beyond our control.”

Families are being reminded to visit ‘My Bus Monitor‘ every morning to determine whether there are any bus delays.

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