New Poll Finds Majority of Canadians Want Economic Recovery Through Oil and Gas Sector

A national poll is finding the majority of Canadians believe the country’s economic recovery needs the oil and gas sector.

Ipsos, a market research company, asked over 4,000 individuals in a five-day stretch in early September about what they believed was the most pressing issue facing the country.

The economy topped the list at 44 per cent with the COVID-19 pandemic coming in second at 36 per cent.

The poll also found over 60 per cent of respondents believed jobs in the energy sector were essential, while 70 per cent believe the country can achieve its goal of fighting climate change while also growing the economy.

“Economic recovery is top of mind for Canadians, and we are encouraged to see the support across the country for a strong natural gas and oil industry,” said Tim McMillan, President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Close to two thirds, around 64 per cent, also said they believed that a green recovery must include Canadian oil and natural gas, compared to just 13 per cent who felt the industry should be completely shut down.

“A growing industry will create much-needed jobs for Canadians and revenues for governments,” added McMillan.

“Bringing investment back to the industry will also support the continued development of new technologies which improve our environmental performance, reduce emissions, and further our climate goals.”

Back in July, the federal government noted the pandemic and economic crisis is raising the deficit to around $343 billion.

According to Statistics Canada, exports of crude oil, bitumen, natural gas, and more generated more than $102 billion in 2019.

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