Fort McMurray Receives Sixth Highest Amount Of Rain During Summer

This summer has been one for the record books in Fort McMurray.

According to Environment Canada, the community received around 333 mm of rain in June, July, and August – the sixth-highest total.

Last summer, Fort McMurray received around 355 mm of rain which ranks as the third wettest summer in the community’s history.

Environment Canada Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Blaine Lowry tells Mix News, despite lower numbers, these past three months may have been harder to enjoy.

“It seemed like every day had some [rain] this summer and that was pretty much the case, each of June, July and August had over 100 mm of [rain] on their own.”

In 2019, June received over half of the rain with July and August having more sunny days to enjoy.

Lowry also notes this year was actually warmer.

“It may have just been the fact there was always the threat of showers hanging over everyone that it may have felt a little bit less.”

Environment Canada collects its summer data from the start of June to the end of August instead of from the official first day of summer in late June to the last in September.

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