Feds, Province Providing $8.6M For Flood Berm Project

The RMWB is getting over $8.6 million to help with flood mitigation in the Lower Townsite.

The federal and provincial governments are providing the funds to help create a 1.43 km long berm in the downtown core along the Clearwater River.

This is an addition to the $150 million the municipality has spent on flood mitigation to date.

April’s flood forced around 13,000 people to evacuate the Lower Townsite, Waterways, and Draper.

Around 1,200 properties were damaged, costing around $522 million in insured damage, with the flood water peaking around six metres in some areas.

The GoA has also provided $100 million through the disaster relief program which aims to help those without insurance. The deadline to apply is September 6.

Meanwhile, Wood Buffalo council will potentially make a decision on plans for the six-flood prone areas on September 15.

The municipality is currently discussing buyouts with homeowners in Draper, Ptarmigan Court, and those who live under 250 metres in Waterways, while continuing work in downtown, Longboat Landing, and Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park.

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