Feds Giving $260M to Alberta To Help With Return To School

The province is getting over $260 million to help students, staff, and teachers return to school.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday they’re providing around $2 billion to all provinces and territories to ensure COVID-19 measures are implemented in all schools.

The funds will help pay for hygiene stations, improved air ventilation, personal protective equipment, and cleaning supplies.

“As a former teacher and a parent, I know first-hand the importance of school for kids’ social development and mental well-being, not to mention their ability to learn,” added Trudeau.

“The return to school is also an important step to restart our economy and get parents back to work while not worrying about the health of their children.”

The Fort McMurray Public School Division and Fort McMurray Catholic School District are moving forward with a staggered re-entry next week to ensure students have the opportunity to learn all the new protocols in a stress-free environment.

Ontario and Quebec are the only provinces getting more funds as they have more children between the ages of four and 18.

They will be handed in out in two waves with the first happening this fall.

Also, the federal government is providing an additional $112 million to support First Nations during their return to school efforts.

“This investment will enable First Nations to take action on First Nations-led plans and preparations for the safe reopening of their schools in a way that both follows public health guidance and continues to support students,” added Marc Miller, Federal Minister of Indigenous Services.

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