Wood Buffalo Food Bank Numbers Continuing To Rise

Many people across the RMWB continue to use the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

That’s according to Dan Edwards, Executive Director of the WBFB, who says from August 2018 to July 2019, 16,389 individuals received support from the organization.

Some are regular clients who receive hampers monthly and account for multiple individuals, while many only required one hamper.

Edwards tells Mix News the last twelve months have seen the numbers increase.

“That’s just indicative of every that has been going on in the big scale of things. The economy has not been bouncing back as quickly as we would like to see it, the COVID layoffs have put an impact on us.”

The rise in need is nothing new for the Food Bank.

The number of individuals who reach out for support has increased every year over the past five years.

“The 14-15 year, we did just under 4,000 hampers and you go up to the 18-19 year, just over 8,000 hampers – that’s double in a three to four-year gap,” added Edwards.

Right now, the Food Bank is providing hampers at two temporary sites as their downtown property was damaged in April’s flood.

They’re continuing to provide as many items in each hamper as possible, however, the lack of refrigeration is forcing them to cut down on the perishable food.

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