Lost Lives on Highway 63 Remembered Through Annual Memorial Ride

Hundreds of lives lost on Highway 63 were remembered last week through an annual memorial ride.

For the ninth year in a row, several vehicles took to the road on July 17 with a flag containing the names of all those who’ve been killed on the road.

Founder Annie Lelievre tells Mix News the highway has become much safer since it was twinned, however, the damage is irreparable.

“Some people have said to me it’s made out of blood and I totally agree with all the lives we’ve lost on the highway.”

She lost her son Jason on the road in 2011 and her ex-husband John soon after.

Lelievre’s been holding the ride on Jason’s birthday ever since while creating the flag so others can honour their loved ones as well.

“A lot of people approached me and I also found a lot of people, so I went forward and asked if they didn’t mind me adding their loved ones on to the flag so I could remember them also on that date.”

Over the past four years, four names have been added to the flag. Lelievre notes before the road was twinned it was ‘four names a month.’

Meanwhile, she adds that even though the road is twinned, people need to be careful and drive safely to ensure we don’t lose anyone else.

“Even though the highway is twinned you don’t have to go 100 miles an hour and be the fastest one, be aware of everyone, and be courteous.”

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