Report: Suncor Emission Levels Down 10 Per Cent Over Past Five Years

Suncor Energy is already one-third of the way to reaching their target greenhouse gas emissions target.

The oil company provided their 2020 Climate Risk and Resilience Report earlier this week where they noted they’ve lowered GHG levels by 10 per cent compared to their 2014 rates.

This despite seeing a four per cent rise from 2018 to 2019, mainly due to increase production at their Fort Hills site north of Fort McMurray.

“Company-wide GHG emissions intensity remained relatively flat, as 2018 and 2019 performance reflect the benefits of the low-carbon paraffinic froth treatment technology deployed at Fort Hills,” the report read.

Suncor currently has a goal of reducing emissions by 30 per cent in 2030. They are the biggest oilsands producer in Canada to commit to a target cut.

“Over the next decade, our goal will be driving operational, energy and fuel efficiency improvements, accelerating the development and
implementation of new technologies, and encouraging the evaluation of potential low-carbon business opportunities.”

Suncor is currently undergoing several initiatives to help reduce their GHG levels.

This includes implementing of new digital technologies, replacing their coke combustion at their Base Plant with lower carbon intensity natural gas, and investing in wind power to help power their sites.

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