‘Inconceivable’: Sunshine Oilsands Questioning RMWB’s Attempt To Collect Alleged Unpaid Taxes

An oil company being sued by the RMWB is speaking out against the municipality’s claims.

The RMWB is currently looking to receive around $15.9 million from Sunshine Oilsands Ltd through the court system.

They allege the company hasn’t paid property taxes for their West Ells Facility, located around 60 km west of Fort McKay, from 2016 to 2020.

These allegetions have not been proven in court.

In an email sent to Mix News, Sunshine notes they were granted a stay in 2019 in regards to all action taken by the RMWB and any claims they can under the Municipal Government Act are not true.

“It is inconceivable that in the face of the Court’s Order, the RMWB would spend taxpayer money to continue enforcement efforts,” read Sunshine’s statement.

“Sunshine’s position is that the tax notices issued by the RMWB to all ratepayers in the municipality since at least 2016 do not meet the mandatory requirements of the Municipal Government Act, and accordingly are void.

The municipality alleges the property is subject to taxes under the MNA and their tax rate bylaw.

They note if the taxes aren’t paid by July 31, penalties will continue to be added.

Mix News also reached out to the RMWB, however, due to the matter being before the court they declined to comment.

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