RMWB Suing Sunshine Oilsands Over Alleged $15.9M In Unpaid Property Taxes

The RMWB is suing an oil company over alleged unpaid property taxes dating back to 2016.

According to court documents obtained by Mix News, the municipality is looking to collect nearly $15.9 million from Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.

They allege they haven’t received payment for the company’s West Ells Facility, located around 60 km west of Fort McKay, from 2016 to 2020.

These allegetions have not been proven in court.

The site produces around 5,000 barrels per day using steam-assisted gravity drainage, better known as SAGD, to dig up their product. Production started back in 2015 and, as of 2019, Sunshine Oilsands continued to have plans to expand its operations.

Mix News has reached out to Sunshine Oilsands for comment, but has yet to receive a response. The oil company has not filed any court documents as a defense.

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