RMWB Launches Flood Mitigation Survey

You’re being encouraged to take an online survey on flood mitigation.

The RMWB is looking for feedback on how they should proceed with work in downtown, Waterways, Draper, Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park, and Ptarmigan Court.

They are considering several options including continuing with current efforts, restrictions on future development, land swaps with the municipality, and full or partial buyouts.

“It is important we consider all options that will best protect our people and our neighbours,” said Matthew Hough, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

“We know that these are people’s homes, lives and businesses. We recognize these can be difficult and challenging conversations and in seeking to understand a diverse range of perspectives, we are committed to creating a safer, more resilient region.”

The survey will be available until July 8. The feedbacl gathered will be presented at Wood Buffalo council’s July 14 meeting.

A final decision on flood mitigation isn’t expected until after council’s summer break. Before then, the municipality is planning on holding more public engagment opportunities.

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