Fort McMurray Man Sentenced To 2.5 Years, Time Served For Role in 2018 Homicide

A Fort McMurray man is being sentenced for ‘time served’ for his role in a 2018 homicide.

Bernard Corrigan was handed a two and a half year sentence on Wednesday for being the getaway driver and helping hide evidence in the shooting death of John Bradley Healey.

According to the agreed statement of facts, Corrigan and Trevor Bown picked up Healey in Gregoire after he had been released from police custody.

Before picking Healey up, Bown told Corrigan he was planning to shoot him over unpaid debts. Corrigan stated he thought he would be hurt if he refused to help.

After picking Healey up, the three drove up the Abasand access road when Bown ordered everyone to get out of the vehicle. It’s there he shot Healey three times.

The two left the scene and went back to a residence in Timberlea they had been at before the shooting.

There, they cleaned the car to get rid of any evidence. Corrigan ended up taking the shell casing that was left in the vehicle before throwing it down a manhole.

In his decision, Justice Brian Burrows says he believed a proper sentence for this case was time served, despite Corrigan serving less than two years.

He credited him with serving 1.5 days for every day he did serve.

Corrigan was also handed two-years of probation. Through this probation, he won’t be able to consume alcohol or drugs, except for medical purposes, and must attend an anger management program.

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