OHV Restriction Lifted Around Fort McMurray

The off-highway-vehicle restriction is being lifted in all areas around Fort McMurray.

Alberta Wildfire is removing the restriction due to the recent precipitation hitting the region.

OHV use continues to be prohibited in the urban service area.

Those who decide to use these vehicles are reminded that exhausts can peak over 200-celsius causing debris to catch fire.

It’s important drivers check their exhausts before and after each use.

The province is also encouraging users to carry a small fire extinguisher, a collapsible shovel, and water to help stop potential fires from spreading.

The restriction can once again be put into effect if the wildfire risk level increases.

Meanwhile, the provincial fire ban remains in effect.

It was put into place to ensure provincial resources being used to fight COVID-19 aren’t stretched even more.

Under the ban, barbeques that use charcoal briquettes, outdoor wood fires on public lands, and fireworks are prohibited.

Backyard fires in Fort McMurray are still allowed.

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