Fort McMurray Man Sentenced To Four Years For Manslaughter After Home Invasion

A Fort McMurray man is being sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter.

Brent Goodridge was given his sentence on Wednesday after pleading guilty for his role in a home invasion in April 2019 that left 20-year-old Brandon Stevens dead.

According to the Statement of Facts, Goodridge, Stevens, and Nathan Gordey broke into the home in an attempt to take 10 puppies.

Stevens and the puppies’ owner were known to each other due to a conflict with a former girlfriend.

After the three broke into the home, they forced two residents inside a bathroom.

They then went upstairs where Stevens was shot by a third member of the household.

Goodridge and Gordey ended up leaving the home with the puppies after Stevens had passed away from his injuries.

The pair were arrested four days later.

Along with manslaughter, Goodridge pleaded guilty to kidnapping using a firearm and breaking and entering.

Gordey is set to appear in a Fort McMurray courtroom on June 23, 2020.

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