Residents May Experience Higher Level of Chlorine in Water as RMWB Disinfects Water System

You may notice a distinct smell of chlorine in your water starting next week.

The RMWB is flushing a higher than normal concentration of chlorine through the water distribution system for approximately two weeks starting on Sunday.

This is the latest step to disinfect the Water Treatment Plant and 375 km potable water distribution system which is needed before the boil water advisory can be lifted.

“The goal here is to get fresh, clean drinking water as quickly as possible, said Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Hough. “That’s not going to happen without some temporary inconveniences.”

Water is safe to drink, despite the higher chlorine levels, if boiled for at least a minute.

Discolouration may also occur and is normal.

The water remains safe for bathing and other uses that don’t involve consuming it.

“Using chlorine to disinfect the water lines is necessary and is Alberta Environment and Parks’ approved method in order to restore the water system as quickly as possible,” added Hough.

To reduce the smell of chlorine, water can be boiled for longer or left on the counter and in the fridge overnight, without a lid, so that the chlorine can evaporate/dissipate.

Right now, there’s no exact timeline on when the advisory will be lifted.

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