Federation of Canadian Municipalities Donating Funds To RMWB

The RMWB is receiving funds from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in response to COVID-19.

The FCM is providing the donation through their Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations which aims to help those struggling with the impacts from the virus.

“Already facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and a weakened economy, our community now finds itself recovering from a devastating one-in-one-hundred year level flood,” said Mayor Don Scott, in a release.

“I am filled with a deep gratitude for organizations like the FCM, [Canadian Medical Association Foundation], and recent announcements from the Government of Alberta, as it relates to supporting the health and wellness of our residents.

The municipality says the FCM is still working on calculating the total amount of funds.

“There are a variety of options this funding can be used for, ranging from health and medical services to client support services,” added Councillor Krista Balsom, who is also a member of the FCM Board of Directors.

“We will work to identify gaps in our urban and rural communities and see best where these dollars can be applied.”

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