Province Closely Monitoring COVID-19 Spread in Fort McMurray After Flood

The province is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in Fort McMurray after the recent flood.

Measures against the virus, such as being two metres away from each other and a limit on gatherings, were temporarily lifted to allow people to help out.

Volunteers came out in droves to build a sandbag wall in front of the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre and help evacuees get assistance at the registration centres.

Since the flood started back on April 26, there have been seven cases of COVID-19 in Fort McMurray. However, there hasn’t been any new cases over the past 11 days.

However, this isn’t due to a lack of testing as the province says testing never stopped.

Alberta Health Services continued to provide testing at flood reception centres when appropriate.

No additional measures have been introduced at this time to reduce the risk of a spike in cases, however, the province notes they will consider additional measures if it becomes apparent it’s needed.

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