Canada Post Working to Offer Alternatives for Flood Affected Areas

Canada post is working to resume their regular operations and mail delivery.

Unfortunately, three of their five locations were affected by the flood.

The mail service has resumed delivery to areas not affected by flooding and are doing their best to safely deliver to areas that are.

An extra effort has been made to get socio-economic cheques to their addresses, however if you have not received them, they will be available for pick up at the Thickwood location at 190-121 Signal Road.

All parcel pick-up has been temporarily rerouted to their Thickwood and Riverstone Ridge locations, with residents being asked to check their delivery slip for which one to visit.

Don Scott tells Mix News he’s hoping they’ll be back to normal by either Monday or Tuesday.

If you won’t be able to return to your residence due to damage from the flood, Canada Post is waiving the fees for address forwarding for 12 months.

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