Residents Being Warned About Four Scams Revolving Around Pandemic and Flood

You’re being reminded to be extra careful when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and flood as multiple scams are popping up.

The RMWB says they’ve been alerted of four separate scams where individuals claim to be a part of the Canadian Red Cross.

They include going door-to-door to speak with residents, texting individuals about health resources, selling N95 masks, and asking for banking information.

“The Red Cross will not ask for banking information, credit card information, other forms of payment in order to receive assistance,” said Jamie Doyle, RMWB Chief Administrative Officer.

Those who receive a message online or over the phone are being told to not respond or open any links that have been attached.

“If somebody shows up at your house claiming to be from the Red Cross, call the RCMP – they should enjoy some time in jail,” added Mayor Don Scott.

People can get more information and report a potential scam by visiting the government of Canada’s website.

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