Local Couple Gets Married On Flood Damaged Property

The recent flood will be one a local couple will remember for the rest of their lives for two very different reasons.

Randy Ringheim and Brianne Shacklady were one of the first to evacuate as water quickly started to rise across their property in Draper.

In their own words, they were surrounded by water in a matter of moments.

Randy says it got to the point where his truck was nearly submerged.

“I was a little nervous, I was really hoping my truck was gonna perform.”

Despite the water reaching his sideview mirrors, the truck was able to keep moving allowing them to get to higher ground safely.

After six days of being away from home, the evacuation order was lifted by the municipality and the two quickly traveled down to see the damage firsthand.

After visiting their home, they started to drive around the neighbourhood with Brianne shooting a video.

At that moment, Randy decided this was a good time to ask her to marry him.

“I said ‘turn that phone this way for a minute’ and as she turned the phone I popped the question and I actually said ‘I think I’m the captain, we’re in enough water I think I could probably do the ceremony’ and we chuckled.”

This had been a topic of discussion between the two prior to the flood. Earlier in the week, they got their marriage license, however, Randy wanted it to be a special occassion.

After several calls, they found a marriage commisioner who was willing to come out the next day and marry the two in floodwaters.

After putting on some rubber boats and clothes that had been impacted by the flood, the two got married on their property, which used to be the land owned by Dunvegan Gardens.

“After the ceremony, we walked out deeper into the field and up onto our stairway to heaven which was a viewing platform for the corn maze in the past and as we get out there Brianne says ‘your pants are all wet’ and I say ‘you gave me a wet coat,’” added Randy.

The two aren’t planning on leaving Draper.

Despite a long journey for their recovery, they note they’re happy they were able to find something to smile about.

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