Residents Being Reminded of Health Risks When Cleaning Flood Damaged Homes

You’re being reminded to use caution when cleaning flood damaged homes.

Many homes built before the mid-1980s could have materials containing asbestos in them.

These materials include drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation and floor tiles.

To help lessen the risk of ingesting asbestos you should avoid breaking materials that may contain it, keep the materials wet, and as soon as the item is removed, place it in a thick plastic bag and seal it.

Additionally, mold can grow quickly indoors and can cause a number of health risks including difficulty breathing, skin rashes, and eye nose and throat irritation.

You’re being reminded to avoid disturbing moldy surfaces, place all materials with mold into a thick plastic bag and seal it, and scrub surfaces with soap and water.

Your health and safety should be your top priority during flood mitigation.

Additional resources about flood mitigation and health risks are available.

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