Scott: Flood Damage Believed Over $100M, Disaster Funding Potentially Coming For People Without Insurance

The damage from the flood is expected to cost over $100 million.

That’s according to Mayor Don Scott who gave an update on Monday noting around 1,200 properties – which includes homes and businesses – were damaged.

The RMWB is still in talks with the provincial government about disaster relief funding which will help those who don’t have insurance.

“The situation two governments ago, when I was in the government, was that the DRP program would put your structure back in its original state – they wouldn’t pay for contents necessarily for a house,” said Scott.

Previously, this funding was provided to those without insurance who lost their homes during the Horse River wildfire.

Last week, Premier Jason Kenney told reporters he believed the municipality would once again be eligible.

However, Scott notes nothing has been confirmed at this time.

“Just given how much this region has given to Alberta and to Canada, I would be surprised if this region does not qualify for a significant DRP program.”

He also believes this program should help people rebuild and not have to move away.

“People should get significance assistance – it might not be fully restored but at least they’ll get some assistance from the provincial government.”

Whatever is provided from the province, Scott wants to see it doubled by the federal government.

He had a chance to speak with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week where they discussed potential supports for impacted residents.

Again, nothing has been committed at this time.

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