Evacuation Order Lifted for Select Areas

As of 2:00 Friday, many of the 13,000 residents who were evacuated will be allowed to return home.

The mandatory evacuation order will be lifted for:

  • MacDonald Island
  • All downtown streets northwest Riedel Street
  • All downtown streets northwest King Street between Highway 63 and Franklin Avenue

Entry will not be permitted before 2 P.M. and staging on Highway 63 is not allowed.

You’re being asked to exercise caution if you are returning to a property as structures in these areas may have experienced internal damage and utilities have not been restored.

Atco Gas is working to restore services to over 2,000 customers who were impacted, they’re hoping many will be restored on Sunday.

As residents begin to assess the damages and clean up their properties, Mayor Don Scott says that garbage fees will be waived, much like during the re-entry after the wildfire.

Director of Emergency Management, Scott Davis, noted that even though some evacuees are allowed to return to their homes, they may not be livable at this time. He added those returning should continue to follow the boil water advisory and that some cars may have been towed if they were in the way of first responders.

Due to continued flooding and safety hazards, a mandatory evacuation order remains in effect for:

  • Riedel Street southeast to Clearwater Drive
  • Franklin Avenue southeast to Clearwater Drive
  • King Street southeast to Clearwater Drive
  • Draper
  • Waterways
  • Longboat Landing

Map obtained from RMWB

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