Around 80 Per Cent of Social Profits In North Zone Have Reduced Staffing Numbers

Over 80 per cent of the social profits in the north zone, which includes the RMWB, have had to reduce their staffing levels due to COVID-19.

An Alberta-wide survey was conducted by the Edmonton Chamber of Volunteer Organizations, with help from FuseSocial, to see the impact the virus has had on the sector.

The results were split into the five zones.

In the north zone, more than 90 per cent say they’ve experienced disruptions in providing services to their clients.

Nearly 90 per cent of social profits have also had at least one of their staff go into self-isolation.

Around three-quarters are also seeing an increase need for their service, while the same amount are concerned they won’t have enough volunteers to help out.

As for funding, 87 per cent expect to see a reduce in fundraising revenue and 75 per cent are projecting to see less revenue from sales or fees.

“Now more than ever, we need a strong social profit sector to continue to support our region’s vulnerable populations, maintain essential social services and provide mental health & health supports,” said Chantal Beaver, Executive Director of FuseSocial, in a release.

“As we emerge from isolation, the programs and services offered by our regions agencies will be critical to restoring and rebuilding our quality of life.”

According to Imagine Canada, an organization that provides programs and resources to non-profits and charities, the sector could lose around $9.5 billion in three months of physical distancing.

Around 117,000 are also expected to be laid off.

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