Over 1,200 Properties Damaged, Grocery Stores Prepared For Higher Customer Volumes

Over 1,200 properties are believed to have been impacted by the flood.

Mayor Don Scott and Scott Davis, Director of Emergency Management, provided an update on Wednesday highlighting the extent of damage the flood has already caused.

More than 1,000 of these properties are in the Lower Townsite, followed by 67 in the Ptarmigan Court Trailer Park, 53 in Waterways, 49 in the Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park, and 10 in Draper.

These numbers are just an estimate at this time and could potentially change in the coming days.

The dollar amount for the damage is also unknown right now.

The mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for the time being. Once it’s safe to return, the municipality will start up a process where residents and business owners can visit their property.

Food Supply

The municipality is working with restaurants and grocery stores to ensure there’s ample amount of food in the community.

Multiple stores who were located downtown are currently closed.

Davis says businesses north of the bridge are working to ensure they have enough supplies.

“Those businesses are in the process or readjusting their ordering so that we can continue that level that’s needed for our community.”

The municipality is also asking people to avoid buying in bulk.

Mayor Scott says these stores are prepared for the added volume.

“I just want to reassure people that they don’t have to panic buy, there’s no need to hoard any item.”

More information about the flood can be found on the RMWB’s website.

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