Nearly 13,000 People Evacuate From Flooding

Nearly 13,000 people are being forced from their homes due to flooding.

The RMWB answered questions from residents and provided an update on Tuesday.

Over 6,000 of the evacuees have been to one of the registration centres – with this number expected to rise in the coming days.

Almost 1,700 work camp rooms are being occupied with just over 1,000 more available.

The municipality has filled 124 hotel rooms, while 137 more are still available.

These evacuees are guaranteed to have these rooms for at least seven days from the day they registered. Emergency services are monitoring the situation to see if accommodations should expand even more.

Around 12,200 sandbags have been deployed with another 5,300 currently being unused.

Nintey-five pieces of machinery and equipment have also been deployed.

A total of 270 first responders and emergency personnel are currently working to limit the spread of the flood and help evacuees.

People can visit the RMWB’s Facebook page where they have a video of Tuesday’s update.

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