Municipality Turning Casman Centre Into New Registration Centre, Most Of Lower Townsite Evacuated

The RMWB is setting up a second registration centre for people forced from their homes due to the flooding.

Due to the high volume of evacuees, the municipality is expanding operations to the Casman Centre.

Residents in need of support who’ve been evacuated from Hardin Street to Waterways, on the east side of Highway 63, and all areas north west of Hardin Street to the Highway 63 bridges, which is currently under a voluntary notice, are being told to register at the arena instead of the Oil Sands Discovery Centre.

The RMWB is now asking evacuees who don’t need accommodations or immediate support to not report to the registration centre.

Nearly all of the Lower Townsite is under a mandatory evacuation notice. A small section south of MacDonald Island Park currently remains under a voluntary evacuation notice.

Map of evacuated sections across Lower Townsite // Photo supplied by RMWB

Municipal buses are available to transport residents to the centre if needed.

Residents are being reminded to avoid walking through running water and to leave their vehicle if it stalls in rising water.

Meanwhile, the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre remains open for the time being.

People can also continue using Highway 63.

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