UPDATE: Mandatory Evacuation Order Issued For Waterways

The RMWB is issuing a mandatory evacuation order for Waterways.

Flooding from the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers on Sunday is forcing residents in multiple neighbourhoods to find higher ground.

Draper, the Ptarmigan Court Trailer Park, the Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park, and Longboat Landing in the Lower Townsite have also been put under evacuation orders.

Evacuees are being told to report to the Registration Centre at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre to check-in and get information on supports and accommodations available.

Residents are being reminded to avoid walking through running water and to leave their vehicle if it stalls in rising water.

Municipal buses are available to transport residents to the centre if needed.

The municipality is also reminding evacuees to continue practising physical distancing and to follow all measures put in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The municipality says water levels around the Clearwater and Hangingstone Rivers are rising quickly and should be avoided at all costs.

People are being told to only visit downtown if it’s completely neccessary.

Those living on the north east side of Franklin Avenue, which is the side closer to the Clearwater River, should be alert and prepared to evacuate if needed.

Meanwhile, the municipality says the Athabasca Bridge and the Water Treatment Plant haven’t been impacted.

More information can be found on the RMWB’s website.

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