Province Providing Funds To Help Local Daycare Open During Pandemic

An additional daycare centre in Fort McMurray is being allowed to open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this week, the provincial government provided funds to over 200 facilities to help them reopen.

This includes Klourius Kids, located downtown near the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre.

Tany Yao, MLA for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo, tells Mix News the centre is currently accepting kids whose parents work in an essential service.

“That includes, obviously, the healthcare workers, staff working in the hospital but I mean it’s also the folks who are in public safety and security like our RCMP and Bylaw.”

People who work for a charities or non-profits, on the oilsands, and in a grocery store are also considered essential workers.

A complete list can be found on the GoA’s website.

Yao says Klourius Kids is currently empty and are accepting applications.

“If we can get that one filled, it would demonstrate that we need more and we’ll certainly be relaying that need to the provincial government, to children services.”

This centre isn’t the only one open during this time. Yao adds that some have been providing limited service over the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, there is no update when it comes to the northern living allowance for childcare workers.

These funds were helping many in the sector stay in the community as their salaries don’t match the high cost of living in Wood Buffalo.

Yao notes he understands the frustration, however, money is tight across the province.

“Our province is gonna hit a huge fiscal crisis, as is every other province and the federal government, because of this COVID crisis, so I think in the future everything will have to be re-evaluated.”

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