CUPE Claiming Keyano College Living Allowance Being Cancelled

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is claiming provincial cuts are forcing Keyano College to scrap the northern living allowance.

The allowance was introduced as a way to encourage more people to choose to live and work in the RMWB.

In a release, CUPE says the post-secondary school hasn’t received this funding from the GoA for the 2019-20 year.

Through the allowance, staff would receive $1,000 a month.

“Jason Kenney promised to support oil and gas communities,” said Rory Gill, CUPE Alberta President.

“By defunding the allowance, after everything Fort McMurray has been through, it is clear Kenney’s commitment was a lie.”

Despite CUPE claiming the college hasn’t received their funding, Laurie Chandler, Press Secretary for Advanced Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides, says they are still providing funds to align with Keyano’s fiscal year, which ends in June.

She adds they haven’t cancelled this funding for the school.

“With the fire, the economic downturn, the crash in oil prices, and the COVID crisis, Fort McMurray residents need help more than ever,” added Gill.

Mix News reached out to Keyano College but didn’t receive a response.

The school isn’t the only group struggling to get their living allowance. Back in March, childcare workers across Wood Buffalo protested the proposed cut to their funding.

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