Decrease in Influenza Numbers Proving COVID-19 Measures Are Working

An early sign is emerging that the measures taken against COVID-19 are working.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, says the number of influenza cases has seen a steep drop.

From the beginning of March to early April, there have been roughly 200 cases, while just four people have passed away.

In January and February, there were 25 deaths and around 800 cases.

“While we would expect a slow reduction this time of year, the drop over the last two weeks has been dramatic,” said Hinshaw.

These measures include physical distancing, staying at home when sick, and avoiding mass gatherings of more than 15 people.

Even though these steps are impacting the spread of the flu, Hinshaw says it’s too early to reduce them against COVID-19.

“This is a promising sign that our measures are working but we cannot lose sight of our goal.”

The province’s probable scenario for the virus suggests the peak could hit Alberta around mid-May.

If this does happen, the GoA believes the earliest possible date these health orders could be relaxed is the end of May.

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