Local Kids With Cystic Fibrosis In Higher Danger From COVID-19

The measures being taken against COVID-19 aren’t anything new for the several Fort McMurray kids with Cystic Fibrosis.

This genetic disorder mainly affects the lungs making those who have it more prone to lung infections.

Noelle Bunten understands everyone’s frustration as they’ve been practicing these measures ever since her son Cael was diagnosed at a young age.

“This is day to day for us.”

Cael is only eleven, however, throughout his young life, he’s had to avoid any person who was sick – whether it be a cold or worse. In the past, the family has had to avoid visiting family and friends because of this.

COVID-19 attacks the lungs making it hard for anyone who gets it to breathe.

Noelle says if Cael were to get the virus, it could have drastic consequences.

“We protect their lungs all throughout the year, we are constantly making sure they’re not getting these lung infections and if they do get pneumonia or do get COVID it can cause that permanent lung damage.”

The Bunten’s along with the other families of the kids with the disorder are reminding the public they need to follow all these measures.

“Sometimes it is about the other person and it could be someone that’s walking down the street that you could be infecting and these COVID symptoms sometimes aren’t serious so you could be passing it on without even realizing it,” Noelle added.

In Alberta, 29 people have died from the virus – 20 of those being people 80-years-old or older.

Despite many believing this is only deadly to the elderly, Noelle wants the public to know there are many groups, young and old, who can get severely sick.

“It might not be serious for you, but it is for us.”

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