Woman Treated At Hospital After Struck By Vehicle in Eagle Ridge

Wood Buffalo RCMP are reminding motorists and pedestrians to be careful around intersections after a woman was struck in Eagle Ridge.

On March 27, an SUV struck a woman on Confederation Way after she entered the crosswalk despite the light being red.

She was transported to the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre by ambulance, treated for her injuries, and was released.

The driver of the SUV spoke with RCMP at the scene and provided a statement.

Traffic was temporarily rerouted while the Mounties investigated the situation.

The police are reminding pedestrians to make sure they’re visible to drivers at all times, make eye contact with drivers in stopped and approaching vehicles, to put their phones away when crossing, avoid wearing headphones, and to be aware of all traffic rules.

As for motorists, they’re being reminded to look out for pedestrians at all times, always yield to pedestrians, and to reduce their speed around a crosswalk and prepare to stop.

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