‘Do Not Panic, Stay Calm’ Municipality Well Prepared To Combat COVID-19: Mayor Scott

The RMWB is well prepared to deal with COVID-19.

That’s according to Mayor Don Scott who spoke to reporters on Wednesday highlighting measures and steps being taken against the virus.

He says Wood Buffalo council has tasked Economic Development to review federal and provincial aid packages to determine what supports are available for residents and business owners.

“It’s really going to be a challenging economic time. We’re seeing businesses that are closing, we’re seeing layoffs, so whatever the federal and provincial governments announce I’m unlikely to ever say it’s going to be enough, we’re always going to be asking for more, but it’s a good first step.”

The municipality is also working with Alberta Health Services about possible designated assessment centres. So far, there no locations set up across Wood Buffalo.

“We’ve identified throughout the RMWB potential sites that could be set up once Alberta health services actions that,” said Scott Davis, Director of Emergency Management for the RMWB.

All people under the municipality’s vulnerable persons registry have been contacted to ensure they have everything they need during the pandemic. This registry was launched in 2019 to help identify residents who may need extra assistance during an emergency.

The RMWB has also reached out to all First Nations and Mtis communities in the region.

Some groups are taking matters into their own hands as the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation in Janvier has set up a check stop on their land to review everyone looking to get into their community.

Also, the municipality is updating transit services starting on Friday.

Buses will now be running on their weekend routes due to a number of drivers in self-isolation and a decrease in rider turnout.

CAO Annette Antoniak also noted they’re committed to ensuring roads and local parks continue to receive maintenance. Municipal offices and certain facilities remain closed until further notice.

Moving forward, the RMWB is asking residents to remain calm and to avoid panicking.

“We are very well positioned, very well prepared given the circumstances and we have an administrative team that is completely committed to making sure that the residents of this region are kept safe,” added Scott.

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