Keyano Setting Up Online Courses For Students

Keyano College is working on setting up online courses for students.

Schools across the province are being closed indefinitely to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The college is expecting to have online delivery setup for most classes by March 20. Students are being encouraged to reach out to their instructors the day before to get more details.

Students currently on work placements can continue if the employer allows it. Keyano is also working on alternative arrangements if work placements are interrupted.

Keyano is also working on setting up a messaging system so they can provide direct and urgent messages to students and staff if needed.

Meanwhile, the school is remaining open for staff.

Employees without swipe cards will need to enter through the Security entrance (Entrance F) to Clearwater Campus or they can call security at 780-791-4911.

They’ve also closed all common areas, student commons, their library, and cafeteria.

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