WB Food Bank Struggling To Fill Hampers

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank is struggling to fully fill their hampers.

Donations are down and the non-profit is having trouble finding dairy and meat as stores across the community are sold out.

Residents have been stockpiling certain items since the coronavirus made its first appearance in Alberta.

Executive Director Dan Edwards tells Mix News, despite the trouble getting items, they’re not turning anyone away.

“We’re still serving as many clients as we can each day, it’s just the size of the hamper that we can give out is decreasing.”

The Food Bank has been seeing a rise in numbers for several months.

From August 2019 to January 2020, they averaged around 640 hampers handed out per month.

This continues to increase, however, Edwards doesn’t want to say their recent numbers are specifically due to the coronavirus.

“We see max number of appointments every day but I’m still seeing new clients as well as some clients that maybe used us once or twice… and now we’re seeing them again.”

People can donate to the Food Bank by visiting their website, social media accounts, in-person, or by putting items in their bins across the community.

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