Municipality Looking At Bigger Early Payment Option For Parking Tickets

The municipality is looking into an early payment discount for parking tickets.

Wood Buffalo council approved comparing our local measures to other standards across the province.

Drivers who receive a ticket right now will be given a $120 fine but can get it lowered by $5 if they pay it right away.

Councillor Keith McGrath, who brought forward the motion, tells Mix News many residents struggle to pay these tickets.

“There’s been a lot of instances over the years where people park for a couple of seconds and get nabbed for $120 and you know what, $120 is a lot of money, not only for myself but it’s a lot of money for people.”

One idea being considered is lowering the ticket in half if they pay during a certain time.

McGrath notes other communities offer options like this.

“You can go to Calgary and they have a payment option, there are other municipalities who have a payment option. It’s just like the rideshare program that they have in Canmore and those places that saved boodles of money on public transit.”

He added this motion is a good middle ground between safety and affordability.

“I think every citizen in McMurray understands safety and this is not to impede safety, this is just about giving citizens something that’s fair, something that’s equitable.”

The RMWB’s administration will be bringing back a report to council at a later date.

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